Intelligent Spray Toy Kitchen with light, sound, steam, working faucet and food colour changing


Simulate mini kitchen, lively cooking and washing dishes. This role play intelligent spray toy kitchen set comes with 42 pieces.

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Intelligent spray toy kitchen comes with 42 pieces. Includes all pots, pans, food, utensils and accessories. Battery-operated toy kitchen has loads of functions including sounds, light, working sink, smoke effect while cooking and color changing of food to make it more realistic.

A very interesting toy to keep your little one busy for hours.

Multi-Functional Toy Kitchen Cooking Helper

  • The function of the simulation stove spray provides an imitation environment for children to enhance their interest and interaction in play
  • The cool light and cooking sound effect of the stove let children experience the simulated life of cooking
  • Tap with circulating water
  • Open door and push-pull oven and refrigerator


There are two cooking sounds, lights and sound effect of the cooker.
Stove with light effect
The light effect kitchen range let kids experience the simulated life of cooking.

Filler hole of spray function
Pouring water into a bottle before use, and turning on the corresponding switch, there will be a spray effect.

Tap outlet
The washing basin plate has the effect of manually pressing the circulating water, which is more close to the real scene.

The food will change color slowly
Putting the food in ice water or refrigerator, the food will change color slowly.

Product Size (L*W*H)
H: 63cm L: 47cm W:23cm
Specifications and the colors may be different from the website listing due to the color profiles of the monitor/display devices.

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