Shopkins Royal Trends Convertible


Lil’ Princess Tiara in a shiny convertible car with petkins accessories.

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This beautiful car has everything Tiara Sparkles needs so she can find the perfect Happy Place to set up a glittering picnic!

The exclusive Lil’ Princess Tiara Sparkles changes from daytime dress to Glitter Princess with her Easy Pop Skirt.

The Royal Convertible has opening doors, hood, and trunk to fit all your Petkin accessories inside for the ride! The Petkin Picnic Basket fits perfectly inside the trunk while the Petkin Spare Tire rides under the hood! Plus, there’s enough room for four Lil’ Princesses to drive to the Royal Party!

The Royal Convertible comes with 8 Petkin accessories in total as well as a Doll Stand!

Contents: 1 x Convertible, 1 x ‘Lil Princess, 1 x Skirt, 8 x Petkin Accessories

Suitable for ages 5+

Features & Benefits:
• Golden convertible car playset
• Includes 1 exclusive Lil’ Princess
• Includes exclusive Picnic Themed Petkin Accessories
• The Royal Trends Convertible has a cute happy face!
• Includes easy pop skirt for your Lil’ Shoppie
• Fits 4 Lil’ Princesses inside!